Lucinda’s debut collection of poetry, The Favorite, will be published October 5, 2020 by Golden Antelope Press. Learn more and preorder here.

Watch Lucinda read “I Feel Lust When It Should Be Dust”

Selected Poems Online

Three Poems, Adirondack Review
Great Aunt Helen, The Broken Plate
Two Poems, Cape Rock Poetry
Four Poems [PDF], Circle Show
Across the Pond and Hiding Faith, Eunoia Review
Diagnosis, Evening Street Review
Maybe May, Jelly Bucket
Another Hurricane Coming, The Lindenwood Review
Who Put the Tiffany Paper in the Rat’s Cage, The Penmen Review
1963, Connecticut, President Kennedy, Cuba and My Dad, Pennsylvania English
Three Poems, Ragazine
I’ve Found Her Lost Again in Me, The Round
For Sale: Wedding Nightgown Never Worn, SLAB
Barnstorming, Stickman Review
Two Poems, Third Wednesday Magazine
After Christmas, Before Communion
air conditioners and dial tones
Almost 70
And What If We Could Agree?
Another Haiku
Assisted Living
Au Lave voiture
Baking in California
Bedroom Scene
Bird’s Eye View of Flight
Bring Them Back
Celestial Navigation
Christmas Eve
Colorado Fir Trees Await a Storm
colorado without oxygen
Daylight Savings Time
Elements of Torture
The end
Erotic Fantasy for Post Menopausal Women
The Facts of My Life
For Galway Kinnell
Frozen: Still Waiting
Full Moon: A Moment
Getting Around Town
Graduation Present
The Great Blue Heron
The Hard, Cold Snow
The Hunt
Hurricane on the East Coast
I am waiting
I Feel Lust When It Should Be Dust
I Love My Gun: A Confessional
In the Altitude
In the Desert You Can’t Remember Your Pain
ladybugs and Hawaii
The Lion Still Roars
Looking for a Favorite Place
Man at the Bar Yesterday
The Mother
Musical Chairs
The Neighbor
Night of the Flowered Sheets
North Haven Island
Nothing is moving today
Ode to a Fiddlehead
Ode to a Palm Tree
Ode to the Saccharine Now the Holidays Are Here
Ode to a Stone
Our Front Hall
Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain
Pineapple Storm
Reincarnation as Cordelia
Remembering Isadora Duncan
Retirement Community
Seeing Lake Tahoe
The Snake, the Lobster, and the Woman
Somewhere Off the Coast in Maine
Summer Place
Survival instructions when you are the last human left
Tears in a Symphony
The Tenderness of Hearts
Thinking of Summer
try a little tenderness
Uses for Woods
Vermont: Fall’s End
The Very Ordinary
The Wedding Veil
What Does?
What I Really Wanted for Breakfast
What’s Important
When the Grandchildren Come to Visit
Where Are You
Winter Storm
Word for the Day