• Circle Show 4 poems
    https://docs.wixstatic.com/ugd/ee4c72_a392afa35a3147c6ac3eb0ff1daded76.pdf Page 53-56
  • If I hadn’t asked
    If I hadn’t asked who you were having dinner with that night I wouldn’t be crazy lost now and you wouldn’t have moved to Connecticut with an eyebrowed cooking woman: something I would never be. If I hadn’t asked if you liked sleeping alone maybe we would have grown accustomed to each other sighing into … Read more
  • The Hard, Cold Snow
    The Coming of the Snow The hard, cold snow is here, The kind that makes you wince. The great, crackling steps one takes that sink unexpectedly, Mother earth reminding you she’s but a heavy footfall away. So a morning walk becomes impossible and the dog, depressed. Your husband reminds you how he loves the winter … Read more
  • Ode To A Stone
                                                          Ode to a Stone I was thinking about the loyalty of the round gray stone outside my front door this morning. Preparing patiently to be washed by the rain. Not objecting to an occasional kick and the resulting change of side to the light. The stone sits outside my front door for as long as … Read more
  • Thanksgiving
    Once, long ago, I wrote a poem on Thanksgiving about a couple who were standing on a stone wall outside their house. They were wearing matching Fairisle sweaters with wreaths around their necks and were in their fifties. A bird swooped down and took the husbands sweater in … Read more