Musical Chairs

Musical chairs

I feel like we’re playing musical chairs in the world.
I am not good at that game.

Where can we go?

What can we do?

Where is it safe?

When I was a kid people used to scream

at me because I would never leave my chair.

If I did it was to slither

over to the next chair
before the music even thought about stopping.

In my house there are many chairs.
There are many photos.
I like to stop

and sit on the chair that looks directly into the photo
of my family surrounding me.

That’s all I see
That’s all I pray for.

3 thoughts on “Musical Chairs

  1. Oh Lucinda I love this poem! And I remember that feeling of terror in the game –of the chair being gone but it was more wordless even that that. I confronted fear in those days differently: now, I would stay put but then I tried to be brave, to keep a fair distance, to circle warily around and then to RUN as fast as I could when the music stopped. As it will for us all!

    Brava this poem.

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