The Goose Cry I hear This Morning

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A Canada Goose flying at Burnaby Lake Regional...

This morning at 5:23 when I walked my dogs on the dark path outside the hotel where I am staying with the one I love, I am disturbed to look upward and strain for the birds who are crying so painfully to one another. Only an injured goose cries in that manner and their partner cries back to reassure them. It is a rare cry for humans to hear. They search while flying low for a safe harbor to recover in for their cry is saying time is short. It is a cry I have never heard before: a desperate cry I have only read about and one I wish I had never heard. The sound travels into your heart where it cuts open the smallest chamber and twists the atrium into itself. No one should hear a cry like that. I have to scurry back to our cozy cabin…

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