rules more rules and even more rules: Economic Freedom goes to Prison!

still as true today as in 2009

Lucinda Watson's Blog

Each day the news has more articles on how we are going to solve the current economic crisis. There are lists of new rules to be  implemented as well as policies to be put in place by our well intentioned government that will supposedly stop the recession from continuing and prevent our world from falling into a downward spiral. All of the people making these rules are doing  so believing in the power of rules and in their ability to create order out of chaos. This line of reasoning is extinct and needs to be revised as it doesn’t work anymore. Rules only make more chaos and limiting the behavior of economic institutions or individuals only makes for more unreasonable behavior and more feelings of mistrust. Think about it for a moment. We have created an economic climate where there is no safe place to save money. Even treasury bills are…

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