For Galway Kinnell

For Galway Kinnell 1927-2014

I said to you once, at 25, that I was ruined for any merely mortal man
Having known you.

Write everything first in longhand and strike out great pieces with joy.
Never fear hearing your own voice
Use gentleness when viewing the world
And compassion when viewing yourself.
You said all of this and I was wrong about only one thing.
I’m married to a man now who has the same grace.
Maybe knowing you imprinted me to recognize him.

4 thoughts on “For Galway Kinnell

  1. Oh my, oh my….this released goosebumps….
    If only he had been my teacher….I now might
    be as lucky as you!
    Your daily work has become my ritual, to read
    and learn.
    Thank you for this one particularly.

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