Alan Watts provides New Year’s Eve Wisdon

“He takes especial issue with the very notion of self-improvement — something particularly prominent in the season of New Year’s resolutions — and admonishes against the implication at its root:

I can only think seriously of trying to live up to an ideal, to improve myself, if I am split in two pieces. There must be a good “I” who is going to improve the bad “me.” “I,” who has the best intentions, will go to work on wayward “me,” and the tussle between the two will very much stress the difference between them. Consequently “I” will feel more separate than ever, and so merely increase the lonely and cut-off feelings which make “me” behave so badly.

Happiness, he argues, isn’t a matter of improving our experience, or even merely confronting it, but remaining present with it in the fullest possible sense:”

After Christmas, Before Communion

Children of the 50’s
We were invisible
Small even when full grown
We know not to eat the last of anything.
So many rules about shame and guilt
Yet sometimes no rules applied.
The snows melt
The sun shines
Days grow longer
We wait no longer for the virgin birth
No savior for us.
Not much time left on the runway.
Not this time around.

Bring Back the Three Wise Men

Bring Them Back


Oh Bring Back the Three Wise Men

But this time let them be women.

Dress them in Levis.

Send them to Turkey, to Pakistan, to Australia,

Send them to Russia and to Los Angeles.

Do this quickly as its spreading.

Don’t let them give you any more Myrrh:

There are enough bodies to embalm, babies to bury,

Tell them their gifts last time were useless.

Shun the gold

Spin the incense

Become incensed and tell them the star in the east is a cell tower.

(Herod murdered all the children under two:

Is this the behavior of a leader?)

Instead of gifts this time let’s ask for peace.



Elements of Torture

Elements of Torture

81 million dollars(81 million dollars)
Paid for startup torture
All over the world.
CIA employees were “ uncomfortable” with the techniques used
By interrogators.
No one raised a hand to stop them.
All designed by one “James Mitchell”
A psychologist.
Has it come to this?

For Galway Kinnell

For Galway Kinnell 1927-2014

I said to you once, at 25, that I was ruined for any merely mortal man
Having known you.

Write everything first in longhand and strike out great pieces with joy.
Never fear hearing your own voice
Use gentleness when viewing the world
And compassion when viewing yourself.
You said all of this and I was wrong about only one thing.
I’m married to a man now who has the same grace.
Maybe knowing you imprinted me to recognize him.

Pineapple Storm

Pineapple Storm

For three days the world has not been right.
Mother Nature hung herself over our coast,
She’s angry so we have to wait.
We know it’s coming.
Everyone shopping for condoms, water and flashlights.
The attitude of scarcity pervading suburbia more than usual.
All the black SUV’s are filled with sandbagged children and toothpaste.
Schools cancelled, guns loaded,
Everybody loves a good storm because you can forget daily life.
Nothing matters but getting everything in sight in the car.



Flying over the country and I still look down for the names of states.
I think they should be neatly tattooed into the earth.
Why oh Ming is so lovely when written out clearly in ranch land.
Ida ho could be mounded into the fields with its children, the potatoes.
Virginia is an italic state and should be identified as such.
Vermont has always been thin and taciturn so the slender side of Mt. Mansfield would do.
New York, now that has been a problem for many a map maker.
(If earth is not available I would not object to a modest neon light show).
Each little square or triangle or sliver has inhabitants.
If I could see the names of my sweet states slipping by beneath me
I could be happy for them,
Send them kisses and blessings,
But without names marked into my states I am bereft at flying above borders
That remain unmarked.


maine 254

Frozen: Still Waiting


Tongue tied at age six I wait for its undoing.

It’s only becoming worse this paralysis of talk

This awkwardness of face

This immobility of lips

(When trying to respond to a question

The witness is unable to form words, your honor).

She’s not being obdurate or intransigent,

Its her tongue


(What happened to cause this? Asks the judge.)

Faces at close hand

Strangers questioning her opinions

“Shyness, also called diffidence, is the feeling of apprehension,

Lack of comfort, or awkwardness especially when a person is in proximity

With other people. (Wikepedia, the free encyclopedia)


It may also be caused by accidental birth as a female.