Large White Bed Speaks

Large White Bed Speaks

For so long there was weight

Only on my left side:

Tranquil and fragrant,

When restless, a soft spinning

Of limbs.

I grew used to the small sighs

And random patterns.

The dim

And desires.

One night a large section

Of my right side was displaced:


Like water in a bath tub

When placing a large object or person

Into it

Or so I imagine having only heard this splish and sigh

From where I stand on my four sturdy legs

In the bedroom.

Heavy and commanding I felt

This weight submerge my right side

With authority and the heaviness or height

And heft and hearty drink and my dear

Sweet left side seemed to gurgle like a happy pot of chocolate

Or a silly daffodil.

The molding and mating have become constant now.

I am never left alone.

I can’t bear the co-mingling

Yet that’s what I was built for.

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