Monthly Archives: January 2011

Celestial Navigation

  Celestial Navigation: When being guided by the night sky It is important to keep your eyes closed and your ears, open. Watch carefully the distance between stars And don’t try to steal third base when you are on Mars. If you find yourself feeling joyful on Jupiter Take the first right and keep on […]

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Finding Your Bliss: Magic

  Finding your bliss in the pool Last night I went to a water aerobics class at a local pool and got there early as usual.  The night was cool and the water, warm, and the sky was filled with stars. As I was the only one in the pool I half heartedly began a […]

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New Years Eve

There are a million people out there who haven’t had the new year come yet. Billions of us. All have some feeling of hope or loss or depression or gratitude. Here in Hawaii where there are many on vacation the air is filled with the heaviness of night and plumeria,  sorrow and breathtaking joy, expectation […]

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