You are Mostly Wrong!

All of you who argued with me about leaving time to cool off, I disagree. I still think it’s a good thing. Kissing on the first date is fine for some but for a lot of us it leads to hopes and dreams.

I am considering entering a nunnery. I would look really good in a wimple: innocent and wise. I could wander around the cloister playing “How do you solve a problem like Lucinda?” on my IPOD and eat only gruel. I could obey silence but only when the big cheese sister was looking. But forget the hair shirt. I would  have trouble with that. Also the narrow bed. What would I do with Rosie? Nuns are allowed to have dogs now. My friend, Sister Ruth, has two!

I like womanual labor. I like tidying up things around the house and I am very handy. I fix almost everything here. I think I will choose a cloister where they make cheese as I have always wanted to learn that. Also prayer. I like prayer. I pray to the nature God and to the Goddess of Compassion.

No Mad Men there, however. That would be a problem!

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