Another Hurricane Coming

Seat belts are important
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Another Hurricane Coming

Hurricane: hurricane

Sounds like a Negro spiritual or command to walk faster

Or maybe a warning to not eat sugar

Or a sigh for the world

Hurricane creeping up the coast while we scurry

To get ready again all the while hoarding and grabbing

The Red Cross is changing color

And the crossing guards have quit.

No one is in charge

And everyone is yelling orders.

I am looking under my bed for currency

And sitting in the audience like Schopenhauer said,

A child waiting for the curtain to rise on life.

When we were young my mother used to love storms and would drive us out to the beach to watch them. All of us piled into an old woodie wagon with no seat belts or car seats or shoes or guns. Get out of the car, she would say, feel the wind, watch the waves, they might snatch you up. Away you would go. I usually sat in the car and shut my eyes.

Hurricane on the east coast

The eye of Hurricane Isabel approaches North C...
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Hurricane Isabel



A hurricane is coming.

People behave as if they were members of an ant colony

Industriously hauling water, batteries, duct tape, condoms, and Cheerios.

Unlike the ants, they are not cooperative;

The rise of the wind is commensurate with the level of greed.

All the fresh water is gone already and it is only 2PM.

By 5 PM there are barricades in front of the A & P.

The ant people have adopted military dress and are bayoneting steel belted radials

For misbehavior.

The queen ant is directing the sand bag people

Who are erecting a barrier between Greenwich and Port Chester.

All the mid level ant people are instructed to remain in the center of the lot

And await being chosen.

(Just like dancing class, but no white gloves).

George Bush has declared a state of emergency

And organized a foot race for all presidential candidates

From Washington to New York.

Arnold Schwartzenager wants to participate but

Is told he is not right for the part.

As the hurricane crawls up the coast

George crawls under the table in the White House kitchen,

Looking for plutonium.

Laura tells him he traded it to Tony last month

For some toy soldiers.

The axis of the world has shifted

As if someone hit us on our heads and

Our eyes can’t refocus.

We are all walking sideways.

Our perspective is so short.

We have let go of hope and its golden rope of sunset.

Our desolation is in our bodies.

Our souls have been eaten already.

Mercury and it’s bad habits

Warren Buffett speaking to a group of students...
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mercury is in retrograde for the next couple of weeks so don’t expect things to go smoothly. Plus there is a Piceas full moon this afternoon around 1:30. If you try to work anything out with someone you will undoubtedly find yourself frustrated. People these days seem to be lacking good listening skills. They listen with “me ” ears and so all they hear is “me” things. This is not so good for understanbding.As a matter of fact, listening this way makes it impossible to come to agreement on anything. I think everyone is frightened of what is going on in the world whether or not they are rich or poor, male or female, old or young. Things right now are a mess. I read the other day that Americans have no faith in the stock market and are not investing there. Duh! Does it take a NY Times reported to explain to us? I think it’s pretty obvious why. One of the biggest issues is the fact that the media seems to believe they can convince us that it is safe to invest in the market again, safe to buy a home again. We lost faith in the media some time ago and probably won’t get it back for some time. If the media continues trying to persuade us  the market is a safe place to be , we may never have faith in news again.Even Warren Buffet is trying to persuade us that now is the time to jump in. Well, guess what? none of this hype is working and won’t be for some time. “Save your nuts”  is still my motto. Don’t have any important conversations either today or tomorrow. Get out in the sun with your Dalmatian stones and skip a few! Buy rice futures. After the weather issues in Pakistan they will go up fast!

You are Mostly Wrong!

All of you who argued with me about leaving time to cool off, I disagree. I still think it’s a good thing. Kissing on the first date is fine for some but for a lot of us it leads to hopes and dreams.

I am considering entering a nunnery. I would look really good in a wimple: innocent and wise. I could wander around the cloister playing “How do you solve a problem like Lucinda?” on my IPOD and eat only gruel. I could obey silence but only when the big cheese sister was looking. But forget the hair shirt. I would  have trouble with that. Also the narrow bed. What would I do with Rosie? Nuns are allowed to have dogs now. My friend, Sister Ruth, has two!

I like womanual labor. I like tidying up things around the house and I am very handy. I fix almost everything here. I think I will choose a cloister where they make cheese as I have always wanted to learn that. Also prayer. I like prayer. I pray to the nature God and to the Goddess of Compassion.

No Mad Men there, however. That would be a problem!

Leave time to cool off…

Hot Things

If you take something off the stove after it boils and let it sit, after a while it will cool off.

This is my latest credo in life.

It works for everything.

Love affairs


Business decisions.

It is just a great mantra for life.

If something feels too hot to handle then let it sit and you will understand it better.

If you meet someone who makes you speechless, wait and see how you feel after a few days without thinking of them.

If you argue with someone you love, don’t be needy and dependant, give them the space to heal.

If you have to make a decision that fills you with anxiety, wait until you know the answer.

Don’t send emails immediately.

Don’t kiss on the first date.

Hold your breath and believe in magic and buy some Dalmatian stones for joy and fun.

Take a drive out to Marshal and stay at Nick’s Cove and you will believe again in Nick and Nora or Bogie and Bacall and all your dreams will be revitalized.

family wall

In our house in Maine there is a family wall where many memories are drawn or painted. The first measurement of a child’s height was done about 35 years ago when my daughter, Christina, was 2 years old. The wall is now covered with lots of memories and people who visit continue to make more of them. This house is the only house I own which I have owned for this long a period of time. In my real life outside of the months of summer I buy and sell real estate like a grass hopper. I love to move. I love exploring the new property and finding new nooks and crannies to hide in or hide things in. It makes me feel as if I am reinventing myself all over again which is a good feeling. I have noticed there are two different groups when it comes to houses: those that move and those that do not move. Neither group is better than the other , just a different mind-set. I think I like to move because movement seems to be a better feeling than stillness. Stillness can be sobering.

We are in an economy now where there is a lot of stillness interjected without sharp periods of insane fluctuation in the financial markets. Many still believe we are on an upswing. I do not and have not as you will know from my older posts. How can we pull ourselves out of this recession with so much accumulated debt in our government and those of other countries in the world?

So I say “STORE NUTS!”

Just like the squirrels do in time for a long winter we all need to store nuts. Don’t suggest this, our government officials tell us as we ned people to spend to end the recession That seems like a Catch 22 to me. Tell everyone to spend their savings so our economy will improve but what about what happens if people do just that and our economy gets even worse? We all need nuts in our trees to survive what looks like a very long winter.

So I have an idea. What if we all stored nuts and then added a few more for people who didn’t have enough?Wouldn’t that be a good plan? The world is different now and will become more different and less safe. If we band together and help each other life would be better for most.

I don’t have a huge network of family where I live but I do have a large network of friends I am grateful for. I would like to have a wall in my house here of all my friends heights and their small drawings as it would keep me company at night.  Maybe I will begin that project soon.

Nothing is moving today

Nothing is moving today.

Neither the trees nor the grass

Not the top parts of the ocean

Nor the blacks birds over the path.

Nothing is moving and so we are still.

The heat falls onto us mid morning and children lose interest . Remember the sounds of summer: airplanes and barking dogs The Good Humor man’s truck, An echoing television from an open window. The hiss hiss of the sprinkler whipping around its three pronged heads.

I remember the damp, soft grass, a white eyelet nightgown, finding treasures in my Grandmother’s drawers while she napped. I stole a thimble but it didn’t help me.

I am grateful for comments like this as this is what makes me write. Thanks

Dear  Ms. Watson, I have read a few of your blogs, most recently  the one your wrote this morning. There is great heart and truth in what you write. You talked about fear and yet you expose your soul  in a way few can articulate and to anyone with open eyes, some find great fear in this exposure , others would hold hands but never open the door or even turn the key to their soul as you do in your speaking.  Each of us may have a hidden demon (fear)  that challenges us to  stretch beyond our comfort level  in being open to life.

More on Abandonment and Car Accidents

Why write?

I write because I have to write. I have been writing since I was in third grade. At first it was about my dog and now it is still about my dog and sometimes about my men. All right, all you readers out there in web land who gave me a hard time today about abandonment fears, I don’t believe you really feel any differently than me. I think we all share the same fears about opening your heart and so we stay in bad marriages and relationships thinking we are doing the right thing. There’s nothing wrong with doing that. I will argue, however, that each and every one of us is scared. We are so frightened of anything that shakes our emotional selves and so we avoid having that happen.

Today was not the best day for me. It seemed as if the universe was filled with shooting stars with very pointed edges that continually and unpredictably fell all over us. I was driving into the city and listening to Frank who always calms me when an enormous Cadillac Explanation or whatever it is called drove into me. Literally! On Van Ness avenue! The man who was driving was an angry man who wanted to pretend it was my fault but the damage to my car clearly said it was done by the Explanation. I found myself frightened by the man and by his anger and wanted him to apologize to me which he never did. As a matter of fact, he never said one word to me. The policeman who was my guardian angel made him give all his documentation to me and kept asking me if I was hurt. I wasn’t hurt, just shaken like James Bond and his martini.

Protection against stress is hard to find and precious to have. We need to nurture it daily and remind ourselves that it should be a practice. I find that practicing love and forgiveness is the most important ritual I have. If I forget to practice I can so easily fall into fear and anger. People always tell me how strong I am and I know it is true. I have survived many things but the most difficult thing to do for me is to walk the line between kindness and weakness because the world confuses the two.  Kindness seems to be love without looking for something in return and weakness seems to be fear.  Is there a bumper sticker there?

Mercury goes retrograde on Friday so beware of any communication happening around that time. Tonight the air is soft and the sky, still. My garden is fragrant with the scent of gardenias and thoughts of tenderness. I believe in magic and always will.