Throat Chakra

I am taking a class in the Chakras from my healing Touch people and this week is the throat chakra class. It has been an interesting week as the throat logically connects with the words we use or don’t use in our lives. I have a lot to learn in this department as I find I often say what I think I mean but in retrospect, I haven’t said the right thing. The throat is the center of our own meaning in life and what we believe in. Chanting and sounding vowel sounds seems to help with this class but all in all I find I am having to learn again what I really feel which is a good thing.

One thing we were made aware of is the level of vibration around us in terms of how we think and act in the world. Someone like Gandhi would have had a very high vibration  and someone who is abusive or mean, a lower one. Countries can have vibrations as well and our country used to have a high rating but now it seems we are falling on the vibrational scale which isn’t surprising. You can feel the vibrational level of another person by noticing how you feel when you are around them. If you feel very positive and happy the chances are your companion is a good one for you and is bringing up your level. Often we find ourselves around people or groups where we feel bad or inadequate or simply bored. In this case it is interesting to note the feeling and think of whom we feel good around and why. This will either limit your circle of friends or expand it.

Happy Memorial Day!

uses for curtains in London

I wrote a while ago about Fergie and her shame and it was interesting to read what people thought. Some were sad about it as I was and  some thought it was unimportant in light of what was going on in the world. I agree with both sides of the coin. When I saw the tape in which she was caught accepting a bribe I felt very sad for her and ashamed as well.I think, to me, it was a bleak example of what life is reduced to today for some people.I can’t explain it beyond that. It was more than salacious gossip, and more than frivolity in light of the world. It was a vision of what the world had done to a woman who had once had so much and now had nothing. No money, no self-esteem, no place in the world, and now she will be lost forever like so many others. We live in a time where many of us have lost a lot: some are living simpler lives and finding they enjoy it more and some have not felt any pinch at all. This last group is in the extreme minority, obviously but what feels different to me now is those that still maintain arrogance and lack in compassion are falling off the edge of the earth. In our world now we either look at what is happening with compassion or with fear. If we can use the lense of compassion I believe we will be able to help others who need help. If we use the lense of fear we will slowly drown pulling down others around us.

It’s like the dinner hour in some houses where the children all look to see who has more on their plate or Christmas Day when presents are counted in piles with names on them.

I will always remember the look of hopelessness in Fergie’s eyes. It is the same look many of us have. Sure I don’t spend much time thinking about her, but viewing that tape made me feel what it is like to be desperate.

This morning on the news in London there is a home video of Sarah Fergusen, formerly known as the Duchess of York, attempting to get cash in exchange for introducing the undercover reporter to her former husband, Prince Andrew. It is very painful to watch the video as this is a member of the royal family and it is clear that the woman in the video is the real Sarah Ferguson. As I watched this on TV I was filled with shame for her and imagined what her life will be from now on. There is no doubt in my mind that she is under a great deal of financial pressure to have to have done this. I am sure the reporter who set this up was aware of that fact and devised a plan to seduce her into thinking she could get a lot of cash in exchange for a simple introduction. Poor Sarah Ferguson has a spending problem or some other type of addiction which has now become public.

Sometimes we seek the seamy side of people’s lives so we can feel more confident in our own. In this case I don’t feel more confident, nor will anyone else viewing the video. What one feels is shame for her and pity that she has had to stoop so low. I wonder what her life would have been like had she married a commoner. Would she have been happier, less troubled, more peaceful, and less apt to spend in an out of control manner? Who knows the answer to these questions but the feeling of shame is not a nice one.                                                                                                                          

Supposedly we suffer from either shame or guilt. Mine was a household where guilt was encouraged. I suspect many of us had this in common. Poor Sarah Ferguson. I feel ashamed for her now and sorry her life is so out of control and so obviously lonely. I doubt it is easy to marry into any royal family or to have been born into one. The only royals who appear to be blissfully are Camilla and Charles aned this is a wonderful romantic story. Can you believe I said that?

notes from London

Notes from London…

This morning

I found my castle but its edible and in a store window in London.  Oh Well! London is weird at the moment as everyone is waiting for the other shoe to drop. Cab drivers are weirdly angry and yet life goes on. Last night a friend stopped a cab for me which didn’t look like a cab to me as it wasn’t black. My friend assured me it was legitimate yet when we asked the driver if he knew our hotel, he said he didn’t. I backed away at this point and said I would wait for another cab. The driver began yelling at me saying he was perfectly capable of figuring it out. I repeated I wasn’t comfortable riding with him and he then became irate and yelled he wasn’t comfortable riding with me. All in all, it was a ridiculous example of a crazy person’s behavior. My friend asked me how I had known not to get in the cab. I said I was lucky and always had an angel who warned me of such people. I hope I always do.

Anyway everyone is angry these days. It is hard to stay on track and keep calm and centered. I am heavily involved in love at the moment as we are in the heart chakra part of our weekly chakra class. I keep focusing on looking for love rather than loving which is a very specific behavior. Every time I wonder what it would be like to have a significant other in life I have to stop and remember that I need to look for ways to spread love in the world rather than looking for it. Actually this behavior is much more positive than the former one. I find I have lived alone for so long I wonder all the time if there is space for someone

France and rules for women…

France and rules for women

I am not sure I understand France’s attempt to prevent Muslim women from veiling themselves. When I first heard of this possible new law I was uncertain why a country would think this was a good idea. Is it because the French fear terrorists and therefore believe terrorists are more likely to wear veils? Could it be because the French believe women should not have to wear veils and all Muslim women living in France wearing veils don’t want to wear them and are doing so under the order of their husbands? Are there other possible reasons for this? Help me out here. I am a feminist yet this possible law seems insane to me. Why make all these assumptions? If a woman chooses to wear a veil might it possibly be because she prefers to live her life that way? Is it up to the government to choose who gets to dress in one way or another?  I am sure there are women in France who are forced to veil themselves by their husbands but there are women all over the world who are forced to do things by men.

It seems a bit like Arizona’s new law about racial profiling. The government is making a decision about how and what someone is because of how to look or dress. I find this action on the part of France unreasonable and extremely sexist. I think if you looked at who made this law it would probably be men. Sarkozy thinks because he has stated the husbands of women wearing the veil will be punished and perhaps sent to prison, he is protecting women. What he is doing is assume all husbands of women wearing veils are bad and control their wives by forcing them to wear the veil.

I can’t believe I am arguing this point as I am really uncomfortable with Muslims and find the religion frightening. I would never agree to wear a veil or even think of doing it unless it was for an experiment for a blog piece. I believe that to try to control the religious behavior of an individual is wrong in any situation unless that person is in some way hurting someone else. Making anyone give up the practice of their religion smacks of patriarchal behavior to me and I don’t like it.

Shake it up, baby

More stuff:

I was listening to the radio this morning and hearing Iran and Turkey are trading commodities. Iran is shipping uranium to Turkey in return for more “enriched uranium” for fuel rods to use in medical equipment for cancer research.

This piece of news has been received with some hesitation as it does not signify in any way Iran is giving up its nuclear program. The development of nuclear weaponry will continue in Iran and we should view this with fear as Iran is a country without moral input into its decisions. When Iran has nuclear weapons is when the world is in dire danger of being destroyed. There is no question about this and I am fearful about the lack of control and our inability to regulate anything in this matter.

So many of my readers have written to me agreeing with my negative outlook on the world’s survival as it is now. I am not happy about this agreement. I wish I could find a more positive stand to take but I can’t. It seems there are two sides to this worldwide recession: those who believe it has all happened before and those who sense there has never been anything like this. The ones who sense this time is different come from different age groups and cultures. There is no way to predict what makes one join one side or another.  Some of us just know there is a major change happening and are trying not to allow fear get in the way of function. We are trying to live our lives with love in our hearts and compassion in our behavior but it is taking a toll on all of us.

The environment is slowly being destroyed: volcano’s erupting; oil seeping into the Gulf Stream, earthquakes, tornados and typhoons are hitting the world with a vengeance. I prefer not to think of this as a destructive cycle, however, but rather a time of cleansing and change. The old order was not working and a new one is being created. The financial markets will collapse from all the instability and the huge amount of debt almost every country in the world is now subject to. There is no one left who will offer bailouts and no place to keep money that seems relatively safe.

For those of us who live alone, life seems more lonely but also more controllable. I long to find a partner but also love my solitude, particularly at this time. I find I need much more time to meditate and focus so I do not lose my way. I feel easily knocked off my course, easily fooled by the behavior of others, easily mislead by lies. I am trying to tread water with a steady rhythm but it isn’t easy. It becomes easier when I focus on gratitude and sending love to the world. Opening my heart is easy even during this time.