Christmas Eve

Things I am thankful for:

my children

my Rosie

my well-being

growth(though unfortunately not in height!)


love and friendship


being able to pay my bills

giving away money

giving away love

not looking back

trying to look back when reversing in my car!

cozy beds



the sight of the water

early mornings


feeling rapture when alone





See’s chocolate

blue herons

boats with sails

night flights


my life

One thought on “Christmas Eve

  1. May you fine 2010 your year…. this is the one my friend ….. the best-ever…. take my word…. be not afraid for I am with you…. you have a partner on this journey whether you want me or not =0) Enjoy
    with much love and blessing to you and yours….D
    bty…. this is what you get for showing up at you Grandfathers birthplace…. both my parents were born within a 5 mile circle. It is the Blue Moon tonight! CELEBRATE YOU!

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