Monthly Archives: December 2009

Christmas Eve

Things I am thankful for: my children my Rosie my well-being growth(though unfortunately not in height!) opportunities love and friendship California being able to pay my bills giving away money giving away love not looking back trying to look back when reversing in my car! cozy beds oatmeal bacon the sight of the water early […]

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Single at Christmas once again

I think we should reschedule Christmas for every third year. It comes too often. There is too much stuff in my house and I feel  worried about not having enough stuff. I keep on looking for more stuff and worrying that my children will be disappointed in what I have created for Christmas. This happens […]

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Most of the time we human beings jump into love before we look at the hole we are jumping into. If we happen to be single most of us  hope someday to meet someone with whom we can form a unit. It is not normal to live alone. As a matter of fact one hundred years […]

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