day by day love

Sometimes it takes a cold fall day in the hospital with a friend to realize  what matters is  the fact you are breathing. People all over Boston are going to work, eating meals, laughing, crying, but none of them are consciously thinking thank God I am breathing. I think we should think about that. I often forget that the air I breathe is  gift just as the smile of my niece tonight as we have dinner and hang is a gift.The phone call from my friend, Peter , is a gift and the email from Marion is a gift. I am grateful for my life and my friends and the fact I am still breathing.

One Comment on “day by day love

  1. What I have found as years have passed oh so quickly is the importance of loving life (no matter the circumstance) and awareness of the gift of the breath. I give thanks that you have crossed my path. Thank you for sharing. loving d

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