ladybugs and Hawaii

Ladybugs can survive on their body fat for days drinking just water.

Humans can’t survive without beauty.

Hawaii smells sweet like the heads of our children.

Every word ends in a vowel.

night seem longer when you fly west.

Days sound different from the palm tree rattle.

Everywhere I go I imagine living there alone.

Animal spirits live here out in the open.

I forgot what language I speak.

I think I am thirteen and I have to do it all again.

The sky is always threatening us with anger but no one listens

unlike California.

The fish swim upside down and dance with their Asian eyes.

Maybe someone will smile.

The constant is no constant.

Tonight there will be a full faced moon which is filled with knowing.

I am invisable and I like it.

I will sleep walk and catch someone’s dream

and never give it back.

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